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Music and lyric composition and performance for the commercial music industry has been at the core of my experience for more than 30 years, combined with the business of the performing arts.
This has included performance, recording, and composition as part of the bands: “Hall and Oats”, “Electric Light Orchestra (ELO)”, “Duran Duran”, “Outcast”, “ABC Band”, “Flock of Seagulls” and others.
I have performed as concert pianist in a range of touring venues and numerous live performances, played as recording artist on more than 89 albums worldwide, and served as consultant and executive producer with Flat Rock Motion Pictures.

Arthur holds a BA degree in Music Theory/Recording Engineering from Munich Business School.

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    1. Glad I know who Arthur Strout is and yes, Arthur Strout rocks!!!!
      !!!! Music is my world along with teaching Spanish!! Both my parents were musicians. My husband and I stay immersed in music and think in music!!!!

      Come back and see us!!!
      God Bless!

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